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Professional Summary:

An independent and self-motivated individual with a passion for Information Technology, particularly around Cybersecurity. Over the past year, I have worked to gain knowledge in a number of systems and have successfully completed training in ITIL and Fireeye.
I am now looking to build on these skills and looking for opportunities in Information Technology related roles.



Currently Studying:

Since the end of 2019 I have decided to learn more about Cyber Security which includes the development of this website which only uses html

Work Experience:

Jet Aviation / Hawker Pacific - Singapore / Australia November – December 2019 (6 weeks) I was invited to spend time running through the IT Operations of Jet Aviation / Hawker Pacific.
This involved spending one week with the Service Desk team in Singapore and five weeks with the IT Operations Team in Australia.
During this time, I learnt about:


During my DofE Award, I participated in a 30km hike and completed the necessary 3 months of voluntary, of which I helped handicaped children learn to read and write; 3 months learning a new skill which was replacing the bottom bracket of a mountain bike which had snapped; and 6 months doing a physical activity in athletics.

Personal Projects:

I can cryptographically prove this webpage is mine here.


Additional Information:

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